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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 43mm
Weight: 4.2g
Type: Slow Sinking

Fat body version of the BEAGLE !

The flying distance has been further improved, and the tinsel hook has increased the appeal of the lure. Straight retrieve and stop-and-go action are all that is needed.
The SF (Slow Floating) has a slow rise-up action and is best suited for surface fishing. SS (Slow Sinking) is easy to use in areas with fast current and high footholds.

How to use

Use it by just reeling it in slowly.
Stop-and-go or drifting the bait under the surface of the water is also effective.

Equipped with original tinsel hook

Fat Beagle's rear hook is made of 16 tinsel hook that emit a shiny flashing light, which is the best number of hooks, not too many and not too few. The skirt is slightly longer than usual so it can be cut to your liking, and the tinsel's glossy shine will broaden your light game and lead to more fish catches.