Unused GRIFFON ZERO 2004

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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 45mm
Weight: 1/4oz
Type: Floating

I.T.O. ENGINEERING has not only created the PROPDARTER 80 and COAYU SLIDESINKER as a tune lure, but also the major crankbaits of the world's most popular crankbaits, the Megabass GRIFFON. Even I.T.O. gave it hardcore tuning. To give the Megabass Griffon body more buoyancy, I.T.O. added shims to the body mold of the GRIFFON to increase its volume. For the internal structure, a new core mold was made to accommodate the shaft balancer from the VISION95. The lure has been transformed into an exciting lure that can be used in top water, which is a completely different stage from the original GRIFFON.

Hydro fin & Hydro Intake
The Hydro Intake at the bottom of the tail gives the lure high buoyancy and strong water biting action. This structure ensures that the lure does not jump out of the water even on the fastest retrieves. The fins on the lower part of the body side are designed in a cup shape to wobble the lure during the swim and also to hold the water well. This generates powerful waves that are unbelievable for its compact body size.

Jyro Balancer System
The proven shaft balancer system used in the Vision 95 and Flap Slap, is the gyroscopic motion generator for the GRIFFON Zero, which is used to create the Zero's torquey wobbling action.


GRIFFON's unique head design with its Demekin-like body head is a compact crank that grabs and moves through the water in a big way. Despite being a shallow crank, the lip and the body head are both designed to grab the large amount of water resistance, making it as fast as a deep crank to regain balance immediately after an off-balance hilarious bite. This is an application of the LIP IN BAIT. Even if there is some debris caught in the lure, the lure can swim through it.


The Griffon has been designed to have a wider rollover angle than standard shallow crankbaits. The lip shape was developed based on shallow-bottom contact tests and structure avoidance tests, in order to keep the lip area as small as possible, without making the lip unnecessarily long and thick, and to provide a wide angle of rollover for shallow crankbaits. This lip is an original GRIFFON exclusive that also helps the snag-less effect of the front hook.


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