Used X-80Jr. SW

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Condition: Used
Length: 65mm
Weight: 6g
Type: Sinking

Downsized version with the "X-80 action" intact !

Although it is said that "big fish like big bait," the latest research has shown that the feeding view of large sea bass is really severe and clear, and that their feeding behavior is driven by clever decisions. Adjusting to the size of the prey being targeted at the time of feeding is the quickest way to bring the clever fish to bite.The X-80 MAGNUM is the best way to catch big sized sea bass on the spree, and the original X-80 can catch the biggest fish of them all. When monster sea bass prey on small baits such as small sized sardines, small baits, or shrimp, the X-80Jr. is the most powerful lure in the "HACHIMARU" series. The maximum depth is set at the same depth as the original X-80 SW, while maintaining the vivid wave action and natural darting escape action common to the HACHIMARU series. SW, but with the maximum depth set at the same depth as the original X-80 SW. The small giant star is targeting monster sea bass. This minnow is the result of Megabass' latest research into the feeding adjustability and feeding view of large sea bass.