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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 64.0mm
Weight: 18.0g
Type: Floating

Big bass killer with double the attracting power !

The DAIBUZZN’ was developed for big bass that do not respond to regular size top water cranks and for situations where size is a factor due to field and weather conditions. For example, when bass are inside cover, or in shallow areas where it is difficult for them to notice the lure due to rough and muddy conditions, the strong and hard to disappear ripples appeal to a wide area and create many bite opportunities. We paid particular attention to the lure's ability to attract fish, and its strong appeal is powerful enough to bring deep suspended bass to the surface.
In order to enhance the performance of this big size lure, we paid attention to the internal structure and ended up with a design that is completely different from the original BUZZN’. In order to make it more appealing than a mere increase in size, we adopted a semi-flat body that has a strong push against the water. The strong wave action and flashing produced by the body attracts bass from a wide area. In addition, the body shape, weight position and lip shape eliminate the loss of accuracy that large vertical lips tend to cause. The honeycomb super HP body (PAT.), which is more effective the larger the lure is, combined with the extreme sharpness of the lightweight ultra-thin HP slash bill, achieves a super high pitch action response. The effect is that even with a slow retrieve, it is difficult to be detected by bass and increases the number of bites under all conditions. In addition, the maximum depth setting can also make the difference between life and death for top water cranks. In order to get a bite at the moment when the lure starts swimming, which is the best chance for a bite, the key is to make the lure rise to the surface after landing on the water and generate a pull wave within three turns of the handle. This performance is impossible with a lure that dives 10cm. In other words, it is difficult to dive and difficult to jump out. Balancing these contradictory performances is the biggest challenge, and we believe that the BUZZN’ series meets the requirements of a high performance top water crank because all of them have overcome this challenge at the highest level.

Honeycomb Super HP Body (PAT.)

The Honeycomb Super HP body overcomes the fatal problem of ABS big plugs, which is the decrease in response due to the thicker wall thickness. The effect of this is that the reduction in the size of the lip, made possible by the lighter body, reduces air resistance and improves castability. It also produces a super high-pitch action response, which is the basis of the lure's catchability.

Semi-flat body

It is not only the size of the lure that produces strong and hard to disappear ripples. It is the semi-flat body shape that makes the biggest contribution. The semi-flat body shape also extends the productive zone to a wide and deep range, which intensifies the lure's appeal to big bass.

Balanced hook system

The surface rig previously used on the BUZZN’ cranks has been replaced with a normal horizontal eye to prevent tangling of the hooks with each other and with the lip due to the increased body size.

Tungsten 7.5φ

The 7.5φ tungsten ball used as the main weight weighs about 4g, which is equivalent to two 8.0φ steel balls, the most commonly used weight. The simplicity of the weight room increases buoyancy and produces a highly responsive action.