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Condition: New
Length: 160mm
Weight: 1-1/4oz

Fishing in another dimension !

The i-BRAKE's unique brake fins strongly inhibit the inertial straight-line swimming that occurs during retrieve deceleration. The pitch of the soft tail dances and dances wildly, and the brake fins generate strong turbulent water flow. The precise writhing action brought about by the "stopping power" that controls the lure's speed triggers further chases and bites. The i-BRAKE produces a realistic live bait's unprotected hovering action. On retrieve, the brake fins that create turbulent water flow and the soft tail that produces a natural swim combine to generate a fine vibrating action throughout the body that attracts spooky targets.
The i-BRAKE's subtle lure is a secret method that shows its overwhelming destructive power in the after-spawn season, when the usual approach tends to produce reluctant reactions, during long rains when the bait range does not rise, and during autumn turnovers. This is a secret method. When all other methods are silent, this is the time to start using the i-BRAKE.

When slowing down, brake fins provide stopping power to suppress inertial straight-line swimming. Even on a dead slow retrieve, a precise writhing action is constantly generated to induce irresistible bites.

The natural tail swinging action of the jointed body and soft tail and the fine roll action of the body produce a defenseless hovering swim of the live bait. It attracts the target.