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Condition: New
Length: 106mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

Hunting “transformative” demonic beasts !

PROPDARTER 106 is equipped with the LBO II (PAT.) center-of-gravity instantaneous shift system to achieve unparalleled long castability for a propeller-mounted lure. The shaft weight with built-in bearing by LBO II is synchronized and mounted on the roll axis of the action. The responsive and seamless roll action creates frequent luring flutters and imitates the rise action and pull wave of bait fish. Depending on the retrieve speed, a variety of “3-way action” is produced, demonstrating feeding magic of another dimension.


The L.B.O. has been evolved to a shaft-less structure for an even lower center of gravity. The bushing with an infinite loop arrangement of high-precision micro ball bearings moves silky-smooth inside the body. Improved action and response by increasing the flying distance and stabilizing the flight posture.

Adoption of unequal design prop (PAT.P)

The prop is designed with an exquisitely balanced unequal design and each part with an exquisite molding angle to produce irregular lifelike sounds that are not regular. The prop, which is made of a new material and painstakingly produced piece by piece using high-precision molding technology, allows for irregular and smooth rotation. By jerking the lure on a straight retrieve, or by using a slower retrieve speed, the lure produces a realistic splash sound that could be mistaken for a bait fish feeding on the surface of the water.

Shovel Bill(PAT.P)

The shovel-shaped lip, which bites the water firmly, responds instantly to the angler's rod work and delicate retrieve. The occasional wobbling action on a straight retrieve also strongly stimulates the predatory instincts of the target fish.