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Aurora Reaction is an appealing chartback color adopted from the 2022 transformation plug, Switch. The newest guanine finish, Aurora GP (guanine phantom), is a special coloring that reflects light in a glossy way, but allows light to pass through when backlit. While the normal GP holo reflects light only partially, the Aurora GP holo reflects light over the entire body, which, combined with the highly visible chart on the back, makes for a highly appealing color scheme. True to its name, the coloring is beautifully finished with a rich variety of tones reminiscent of the northern lights. This coloring is a perfect match for big baits with a large body area, and is also used on the Gorham 147F and the Spine X. It is also used in the Homura 86 and other salt items, making it a color that is versatile regardless of the species of fish, and it is a color that is likely to be added to a variety of items in the future.