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Condition: New
Length: 140mm
Weight: 68g
Type: Sinking

A high-strength sinking plug that targets tuna and bonito that follow the bait on the surface. After landing, the bait fleeing from the flock is completely directed by a horizontal forward fall action. Robust ABS resin body and penetrating wire that can withstand prolonged fighting in a slender form with a low air resistance that strikes overwhelming flight distance. Particularly successful in situations where targets are eating into dense baits.

A forward fall action in a horizontal position that has demonstrated tremendous differences in eating in repeated tests. An overwhelming appeal that adds a wide rolling motion to the ideal sinking posture. The flat side of the body captures large rays of light and enhances the flushing effect. Invitation never stops below the surface, turning the sinking power into action.

After landing, take off the thread dive and dive to the target depth, keep the line tension and do no action horizontal free fall. Or slow retrieving at the speed of slowly swaying the tail is effective. After a rattling bite, the fish flipped over and started running, followed by chasing and hooking the bar.

ABS body with increased rigidity with thick ribs.
Through wire specification.
A 200lb super-strong Max Power Ring with ST-66 hooks.
All are robust designs assuming a big fight with bluefin tuna.