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Condition: New
Length: 120mm
Weight: 24.8g
Type: Sinking

High-flashing bullet search bait for speedy searching in a wide area!

■ Unparalleled flying distance
Fixed low center of gravity + tungsten ball weight oscillating structure, realizing stress-free and stable casting performance even in the surf where foothold and wind direction are constantly changing, as well as easy-to-understand pulling feeling in changing currents and stability against strong rip currents.
With its high specific gravity weight design, it has an overwhelming flying distance of 69.5m in average and 72m in maximum, making it a bullet search bait that can quickly explore a wide area.

■ Super intense flashing rolling action
The high pitch tight wobble action combined with the semi-flat side shape and mirror finish on the belly creates a strong flashing action that appeals to big flatfish on the bottom. Its diving range is about 50 - 200cm. 

■ 3 hooks of ST-46 #4 size hook systems for biting bites
The ST-46 #4 hooks, which are unusually large for a minnow of this class, are efficiently placed to greatly improve hooking performance against bites from various angles.