Tide Minnow 125 SLD-S

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Condition: New
Length: 125mm
Weight: 15.5g
Type: Sinking

Produces synchronization with the current

The Tide-Minnow SLD sinking model is just a floating model with a fixed weight added to the belly, but there is a big difference in performance that is not apparent. The 125SLD-S has a proven track record in surf fishing, especially for flounder. In addition to the increased flying distance and the expanded productive zone due to the countdown, the stable action near the break line, where conditions tend to be rough, is also a major point.

Casting performance
The fixed weight added to the belly stabilizes the lure's flight posture and enables accurate casting without blurring.
Improved accuracy to target points as well as increased casting distance

Action Response
With the increased weight, the action is more moderate compared to the floating model.
The lure's body, which has a higher specific weight, tangles more easily in the water, which makes it easier to control in rough weather, such as when it comes to pulling waves and strong spouts, which can easily throw the lure off balance.

Range Control
Range control by counting down, which is possible only with the sinking model, to capture the slight difference of lures.

Weight System

The structural difference from the floating model is the fixed brass weight placed on the belly. This small weight makes a big difference in performance.

Thick Stomach Wall

The resin wall of the belly area is made twice as thick as usual, further lowering the lure’s center of gravity and thereby allowing for more stable casting and action.