POPX SW Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: New (box and paper have damages)
Length: 64mm
Weight: 1/4oz
Type: Floating

The Original Popper for Bream

POPX has been overwhelmingly successful in the wading and salt game of Lake Hamana, and in recent years it has been in the spotlight for popping black sea bream. In recent years, POPX has been in the spotlight for popping black sea bream, where it has produced outstanding results. Specific gravity is balanced for use in salt water, and it is equipped with a thick perma-steel hook that is resistant to rusting and the stubborn teeth of black sea bream. The lure has been set up on the premise of being used with PE line, which is difficult to control, and has been tested from various angles, including its various actions, popping sound, splash, float angle and flying distance.
A lineup of carefully selected must-fish colors based on proven results. Please try the outstanding power of the tuned POPX on black sea bream and sea bass.

Exquisite Balance Setting
POPX SW is a conventional POPX for freshwater, but balanced for saltwater. After repeated testing with a slightly tapered rod and PE line, which makes it difficult to manipulate topwater plugs, we pursued a balance that can handle any action. Depending on the situation, it can produce a variety of actions such as splashing, popping, popping and staying, and continuous swinging.

Hook Setting
Instead of using feathers, which can cause the hook to rust, a thick perma-steel hook is used to deal with large sea bass that suddenly appear and the stubborn teeth of black sea bream. This is an original hook setting that penetrates the strong jaws of black sea bream to increase the landing rate.

The Megabass Online Shop is now offering premium saltwater products exclusively!
The first edition is titled "Early Summer black sea bream Top Festival" and focuses on the topwater game for black sea bream as the season begins in earnest.
A total of three carefully selected colors are available.
The three special colors have been created under the supervision of professional staff member Shinya Aramaki , and have been carefully selected by an experienced Megabass Factory Meister. Each color has a clear base that is particularly effective for this type of fishing, and has a beautiful finish.

Shinya Aramaki's comment

This is a see-through version of the Balsa MAX Secret Bobber color that core Megabass fans know.
The reason I came up with this color was because I was on location for a bass fishing project for a magazine, and a bass happened to attack the bobber. When I saw this, I thought it would be really interesting to do a similar color for black sea bream, which is my specialty. I had been keeping this idea in the back of my mind for a long time, but this time I got special permission from President Ito and miraculously made it happen (lol).
The flashy presence of this color is sure to appeal to anglers and reduce the number of missed bites.

Shinya Aramaki's comment

For this project, I wanted to create a cute looking color that would make people happy if they caught fish with it, even though it is not one of the standard colors.
When I thought of a popular fish in warm regions, the beardtongue came to mind, so I asked Megabass to create a color with cuteness at its core and a playful spirit. Imagine, wouldn't it be unrealistic and interesting if a black sea bream bites on a beardtongue?
If you catch a black sea bream with this color, please post it on social media.

Shinya Aramaki's comment

I wanted to use this color from early summer through the rainy season, when small fish such as sardines become the main bait for black sea bream.
We wanted to create a baitfish-like appearance, but with a clear base and a blurred silhouette, so we went for a half-tone instead of completely clear. It's the perfect combination of clear and flashing, and it's the best of both worlds.
The cup is red to make it more visible to anglers, even though it is a natural color. It's important to be visible when fishing.