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Condition: New
Length: 125mm
Weight: 23g (125F) / 25g (125S)
Type: Floating (125F) / Sinking (125S)

Pilot minnow exploring a wide area !

Since the launch of Hirame Minnow II in 2011, we have received many reports of fishing results from various places, and we have been able to mature basic know-how such as the action to send flounder cultivated in the flounder special and the range of eating. The action is a wide wobble, fat body design that diffuses light over a wide area while taking advantage of high buoyancy to aim for strong water pushing.

AR-C VR system
The AR-C VR system has been further improved by increasing the main weight to the limit of both distance and swimming, and the new low center of gravity design eliminates the problem of not being able to swim with the usual center of gravity movement design. The AR-C VR system has succeeded in achieving both excellent distance and swimming performance.