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Condition: New
Length: 150mm
Weight: 27g (150F) / 30g (150S)
Type: Floating (150F) / Sinking (150S)

Average flight distance over 70m!

Shallow runner flies even in a big silhouette!

The big minnow has a big silhouette, but the appeal is strong, but the air resistance increases, so there is a dilemma that the flight distance is hard to extend. The HIRAME Minnow SR is equipped with an "AR-C VR system" inside the body to solve the problem and achieve an amazing flight distance of over 70m on average.
The big silhouette gives a strong presence and the retrieve swims with a natural wobble roll action.
It is an easy-to-use minnow for flounders and flathead that lurk in shallow surf.

HIRAME Minnow SR can be used simply by throwing and rolling as in the concept of hot sand lures. In addition, floating can be invited, for example, by stopping on the sinking root and floating between them, or by twitching the rod vertically and moving the rod little by little under the water surface. The sinking can be sunk on a shallow surf and licked at the bottom. By using 150F and 150S properly, you can increase the variation of how to attack.

The 150mm big silhouette matches large sardines such as sardines, conos, and mullets. In addition, since a penetrating wire is installed, you can fight with confidence even if a blue fish hits.