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Condition: Unused
Length: 125mm
Weight: 26.5g
Type: Sinking

MAX casting distance 78m !

■ Specialized in castability, range keeping ability and action stability
The combination of a tungsten ball oscillating structure and a fixed weight with a low center of gravity gives the lure a remarkable casting distance for a 125mm minnow, with a maximum castability of 78m (*Daiwa test), ideal for fishing in strong winds, areas with fast currents and offshore breaks where 11cm class minnows cannot compete. It is also ideal for offshore break attack. It also has excellent range keeping ability, and can withstand strong offshore currents and stormy weather with wave heights of 2 m or more, and has a stable, high pitch, tight wobble-and-roll action. Effective diving range is from 50 to 200cm, and its light feel makes it easy to catch even the slightest change in current, and also helps anglers maintain concentration during long casts and retrieves.

■ #4 size hook x 3 system
The ST-46#4, which is unusually large for a minnow in this class, is efficiently positioned to greatly improve hooking performance for bites from various angles.

■ 3 x 3 multi-level flashing side design
In order to appeal to the bottom of the surf where flounder and flathead are localized while changing in multiple stages, the sides are divided into three sections: the uppermost side is cross-cut, the center flat side has a non-scale mirror finish, and the lowest side, facing diagonally downward toward the lure, has a half-moon scale design. The combination of 3 surfaces x 3 designs plus the rolling action gives the lure a flash appeal in all directions 360 degrees around the lure. This is a very special specification that sets it apart from minnows with just three hooks and coloring.