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Condition: Used
Length: 140mm
Weight: 50g
Type: Sinking

Inheriting the basic shape and concept of the "TD/SW Pencil" top water plug for salt water, the 14 The basic shape and concept of the TD SW Pencil, a topwater plug for saltwater lures, has been retained. The basic shape of the "TD Salt Pencil," which was even described as "this is bait," has been retained in a 14cm size. The real minnow shape appeals even if it is just floated, the water-through-gill structure that discharges water taken in from the mouth through the gills to generate a bubble, and the sweet pop sound and splash, the concept and performance of the pencil remain unchanged. Two types are available: F (floating) for standard surface fishing, which can be used as an extension of conventional pencils, and S (sinking) for stress-free flying distance even in rough weather, with an eye toward underwater fishing. S-type lure weighs 50g and can be used for various effects such as dogwalking in the water, etc. The fall speed of S-type lure is approx. 80cm/sec. and it slides backward to reduce line and hook trouble.

■ 1.2mm diameter welded through-wire construction
■ ST-46 treble is standard equipment