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Condition: Unused
Length: 125mm
Weight: 12.8g
Type: Slow Floating

Bullet minnow that combines a thoroughly slim shape with castability !

This shape is even slimmer than the conventional slim long minnow. This ultra-slim platform is equipped with a silent double-oscillating structure to achieve castability beyond the norm for triple-hooked minnows. While many long, slim minnows tend to focus only on castability, this model also pursues action response. It produces a roll action with a slight wobble on a dead slow retrieve, and the wobble increases as the retrieve speed increases, but it is also stable enough not to break the surface of the water on a high speed retrieve, making it suitable for river games with strong currents. The Silent Double Oscillating structure allows the action to start up immediately after landing on the water, which is also an advantage.
Slow-floating design allows anglers to use techniques such as "stop and let it bite" and "let it drift". The high specific gravity makes it easy to be sucked in by the target fish, and the ST46 hook system with three #6 hooks improves the hooking rate. The fish that is hooked will not escape.

Silent Double Oscillating System
The weight oscillates (i.e., moves between two points) through the wire, resulting in zero rolling noise. The wide oscillation of the tungsten weight and brass sub-weight produces amazing long casting performance that overturns the conventional wisdom of slim minnows with three hooks. The quick return of the tungsten main weight also gives the lure a quick start-up performance. The silent effect of the wire structure and shock absorber also makes it possible to take a natural approach to a slack target.