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Condition: New
Length: 125mm
Weight: 20.5g
Type: Slow Floating

Limited edition color commemorating the 30th anniversary of the "Shoreline Shiner" series, the classic Daiwa Seabass Minnow.

Neo-classic print reminiscent of American lures from the good old days. On the left side is the "SHORELINE SHINER Z R 30th" logo in red. The colors are a fusion of the good old days and Daiwa's real holo pattern "Adele Holo", which is not available in the photo-transferable real colors of today, creating a unique color that allows you to feel the changes of the times.

Fusing the changing times

Good old-fashioned taste and Daiwa's real holo pattern "Adele Holo" are fused together.

Neoclassical prints

Reminiscent of the good old days of American lure.
The SLZ Vertis, inheritor of a new flying legend, has undergone a full model change! With the name "R", it's ready for further sublimation!
Flying! The highest flying distance in the series!

Maximum flying distance 77.5m, AVE 73.5m!
(Reference: SLZ-Vertis 120F flying distance = Max 71m, Ave 66.5m)

(1) Shaped to reduce air resistance and allow weight to be moved to the rear end of the body
(2) The above shape enables a large tungsten weight to be mounted
(3) By using a half wire oscillating center-of-gravity kickback spring, the spring is pushed back to the center of the body in the latter half of the cast, reducing stalling

These synergistic effects greatly increase the casting distance!

Significantly improved start-up performance! Maglock +R Ver.S

By using a wire oscillating suspension SaqSas shaft and a half spring, the weight that moves backward when cast moves forward at high speed by the impact of landing on the water, and at the end, the magnet (Maglock system) attracts and locks the weight firmly! This greatly increases the launch speed!