AERO TWISTER 2022 member limited model

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Condition: New
Length: 140mm
Weight: 1oz
Type: Floating

Fast retrieve specialized cup noisy !

The AEROTWISTER is a three-piece cup noisy.
At first glance, it looks like a conventional cup noisy lure, but its thin, flexing polycarbonate cup grips the water firmly even on fast retrieves that would make it bounce on the surface of the water. The noisy action on the surface of the water makes it look as if baits are running away from the surface of the water and fish eaters are chasing baits, shrimps, and other crustaceans around. It is a fast retrieve type cup noisy lure that turns on bass that see it and leads them to bite.

Three-piece jointed body that moves glossily without breaking action even on fast retrieve.


The thin, flexible polycarbonate cups grab the water currents and channel them well, allowing for stable action on the fast retrieve without spinning or bouncing on the water's surface.


The hook is mainly set at the rear where bites are concentrated.