Used BALISONG MINNOW 100 SP 2008 Limited Color

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Condition: Used (hooks are replaced)
Color: Gold Marker
Length: 100mm
Weight: 5/8oz
Type: Suspend

Ayu color with a mat gold body and bright metallic lime back and orange belly for increased appeal.
The glittering gold flash makes this a very strong color.

The technical jerkbait "BALISONG Minnow" with various functions is now available in a suspended model to bring in bites even from slow bass in low water temperature.
On a steady retrieve, it traces a deeper range with a higher-pitch rolling action than the floating model, greatly increasing the strike rate in tough conditions.
When twitched or jerked, the lure produces a unique bumpy sound similar to a shad click, and the variable balancer system (PAT) creates a sharp, tricky dart that leads slow bass to bite on reaction.
The BALISONG Minnow SP is especially effective from late fall to early spring, and is sure to be your trump card when you can't catch anything.


The characteristic rolling action is a little tighter than that of the floating model, but the lure has a quicker, more responsive action, sparkling flashing and a resonant bumpy sound.
In addition, it has a surprisingly light pulling feeling that is fully capable of functioning as a search bait for speedy attacks, and it can easily handle high-speed retrieve methods in clear water.


Deeper and sharper!
The illustration shows the diving depth with a straight retrieve.
However, if you jerk and pause the lure, the effective range will be about 1.8m for 100[SP] and about 2m for 130[SP] due to the effect of the line sinking.


Realistic mid-layer stay like a shad!
It stays in a natural forward leaning position with a shivering motion.
It can also be used to avoid obstacles on the bottom by rooting the front hook. (Line used: Fluoro 14lb)

Both 130[SP] and 100[SP] are set to suspend at a water temperature of approx. 7℃.


The internal structure has been completely redesigned, and the 100 size is now equipped with the same large moving weight as the 130 size, which provides a stable flying posture and excellent distance. (2016.02)
The variable balancer system weights (100 [SP] steel, 130 [SP] tungsten) slide back and forth during jerking to create an irregular darting action with a variable center of gravity.
At the same time, its low-pitched bumpy sound appeals to deep-range bass.

HOOK SETTING (SIZE#4 130[SP] / 100[SP])

The V-shaped belly, which is perfectly aligned with the hook, suppresses the flapping of the hook on the surface, contributing to smoother stillness and improved swimming response.
The V-shaped belly, which is perfectly aligned with the hook, helps to suppress flapping of the hook on the surface, and also helps to improve the response of the lure when standing still and swimming out smoothly. In addition, even though the lure is equipped with a thick oversized hook, it swims even on a slow retrieve when using heavy line, without losing its sharp movement.