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Condition: Used
Length: 130mm
Weight: 26.5g
Type: Slow Floating

The "BALISONG Minnow Longbill" was developed to attack conditions that are too appealing for crankbait, or when bass are not active enough to chase them, or to attack middle to deep water where short bill jerkbaits are not able to catch them. Cranking minnows that can be used not only for pump retrieves and jerking, but also for high speed cranking as well as the fluttering method, which makes contact with hard materials such as rocks and tetras, etc., effective throughout the year.

The lure's ability to follow a tight structure without losing its balance, and its straight-line stability when it comes into contact with an obstacle, ensures that the lure never leaves the strike zone and increases the chances of getting a bite.
In situations where bass do not like too much vibration, the lure's tight roll action with a slow retrieve will lead selective bass to bite without causing them any discomfort.
Slow floating "BALISONG Minnow Long Bill" that can be traced in the 2.5 - 3.0m range with just a reel.
In low water temperatures, the line specific gravity makes it suspend, and with a pump retrieve action, it is possible to fish the 3.0 - 3.8m range.

Internal Structure/Moving Weight
6.5mm diameter tungsten moving weight, built into a moving weight room that extends as far as possible to the rear end of the lure body, produces a stable flying posture and excellent flying distance. Sub-weighted moving weight also contributes to greater distance, and a tight crank shape rail prevents the ball from moving out of balance when it contacts an obstacle, resulting in a high degree of straight-line stability

Spring Weight System
The knock sound of the lure hitting the inner wall when it is shaken greatly, and the life-like micro vibes that resonate when the lure is paused will surely raise the chances of a bite.

Longbill Bent Rip

The vented lip shape provides excellent resilience and keeps the lure in the strike zone, even when contacting rocks, tetras and other hard structures.

Hook size #4

The V-shaped belly, which follows the hook perfectly, reduces the flapping of the hook with a surface that provides smooth swimming and a crisp action at rest.