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Condition: Unused
Length: 63mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

Into unexplored territory

The soft crawler bait "BASIRISKY" is the result of an epoch-making concept that only Depths can create, and it will show you that there are big bass lurking in weed beds that buzzbaits can't pull, and in areas that block boats from entering.
The lure's unconventional action, as it wades through the weeds covering the surface of the water and crawls near pockets and cover, not only triggers big bass lurking in the cover to bite relentlessly, but also has the amazing power to strike bass that rubber jigs and no-sinkers have failed to attract.
In addition, its soft landing sound and lifelike soft wave action can attract big bass even in open water, which is something no other frog can do.
With its unique gimmick that breaks through the surface game concept and its high snapless and hooking performance, the "BASIRISKY" promises exciting cover fishing.



The wide gape, thick shaft single hook is set to expose the hook point no matter from which direction it is sucked. Its excellent hooking and snagless performance, which surpasses that of conventional hollow soft plugs, will keep big fish in line.


The unique crawling action swims on the surface of the water as if it were a noisy plug, and brings a unique ripple and sound only Basirisky can produce.
The soft material makes it possible to create a natural landing sound and an unprecedented sloshing sound, which is dramatically effective for big bass.
The lure has a frog-like action when it is in cover such as damsels and trash puddles, as if it is walking on its hind legs.
This lure has a strong presence that appeals to bass lurking deep in the cover, leading to strikes by big bass that could not be lured out until now.


The center-balanced weight prevents the body from shifting, which hinders hooking, and the rear weight, which is molded into the hook, acts as a hole cap to prevent water from entering the lure and provides outstanding casting distance.


An air vent hole is included as standard equipment to quickly release air inside the body when a bite occurs and ensure hooking performance.
Water that has entered the body can also be discharged from here.