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Condition: Used (scratches, no box)
Length: 147mm
Weight: 31g
Type: Floating

The superb rear center of gravity and long body "Brachio stick" that enables super long casts that do not realize the sign is an overwhelming flight that can shoot at the boil that occurred far offshore and approach the zinc clear lake with a long distance.

This is a high-performance pencil popper that has high operability that allows you to shake your head reliably even when operating a long distance, at the same time as finding the distance.


With a body form that has buoyancy in the tail despite its super-rear center of gravity, the floating posture set at a diagonal float of about 15 degrees makes dogwalk easy for INNER, and the increased draft surface generates spring weight Microwaves are also amplified. In addition, the variable balancer emits its own sound and gives a sharp movement.

The cup shape that emits bubbles as if hitting the water surface from above reproduces the predatory sound of small fish realistically, and invites a bite by holding it longer to a pin spot with a short turn distance table turn.

In addition, at the time of pause, the built-in spring weight system emits a micro vibrator that generates a micro wave on the water surface, appealing to a big bass that is sleek.


The oval-shaped cups pointing downwards confuse the bass with air-borne predatory sounds such as dogwalks and twitches.

■3HOOK SETTING / size #3

The 3 hook system that even hangs a miss bite adopts the # 3 hook that takes into account the exchange with the big bus.
The sloping side eyes that narrow the range of motion of the hooks and the projections that further restrict the movement of the split ring prevent entanglements between the hooks.