BULLSHOOTER 160 Slow Sinking Model Y2017 Sendai Limited Color

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Condition: New
Length: 160mm
Weight: 3.7oz
Type: Slow Sinking

There is no doubt Blue Bullform's "Bull Shooter 160" that can aim for record classes that live in that water area.
The enormous water push created by the tall jointed body is the only one that can bring even a vulgar and cautious record class to a fierce bite that exposes the predatory instinct.
Not only a straight retrieve, but also a stop-and-go or jerking pose, the unique feeding action that floats by inertia as if you are moving on your own will draw an unusually big bass.


The chest fin of PVC material sticks to the body when swimming, and when staying, the chest fin is moved and it projects as if hovering.
In addition, PVC material is also used for the tail fin, directing bluegill more realistically and deceiving the bass.


The belly fins provided on the front hooks in the form of horizontal tails not only prevent entanglement of the hooks, but also play a role in sharp twitching and jerk action.


Because a fight with the monster class is inevitable, hooks (size # 1) that have extremely smooth surface treatment and boast excellent penetration are selected. Tin (tin) coat finish, which is close to the protection color like baitfish abdomen, camouflages the presence of hooks.
For selective buses that dislike hooks, replace them with feather hooks (size # 1). Not only can you deceive old monsters who are cautious, but also feathers can be hooked into flickering waters and bitter-headed bytes. Will increase the up rate.


In a straight retrieve, the appeal is made by the tremendous water pressure that comes from a tall body. In poses that take a stop-and-go or line slug after jerking, the unique feeding action, which drifts by inertia as if it were moving on its own, is an unusually attractive way to attract a big bass.