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Condition: Unused
Length: 61mm body
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

A frog that breaks through and induces menacing bites !

The BusterK is a popper type frog that has been designed with the highest level of castability, maneuverability, snaglessness, and hooking performance required of a frog.
In contrast to walking type frogs, the sharp and powerful popping action with reduced moving distance and the sound produced by the floating weight lure even bass that are highly dependent on cover and will not leave their territory, triggering a threatening bite that breaks the surface of the water in a rage.
The exciting moment when the surface of the water suddenly explodes will remind you that the frog game is for catching fish as well as the fun of the cover game.


The distinctive cup with a thin upper jaw design creates a popping action with a powerful sound and splash, as if the water surface is exploding, and at the time of hooking, the cup flips up to prevent the lure from falling out, dramatically increasing the hook-up rate.
This is an exceptionally smooth and high hooking performance for a popper type frog.


The horizontal floating posture by the center position balance keeps half of the cup in the water even when it stays in the water, so that rod work can lead to the popping action without waste.
In addition, the weight moving system, which was developed to compensate for accuracy, realizes overwhelming flying distance and accuracy by shifting the center of gravity, where the free weight moves to the rear during casting and to the center position after landing on the water.
In addition, during the action, the metallic sound of the weight hitting the hook and eye, combined with the popping sound, creates a unique compound sound that appeals to anglers.

* When the lure is subjected to a strong impact, such as after catching a bass or coming into contact with an obstacle when casting, the floating weight may lock up inside the body.


The body shape pursues hooking performance and snagless performance, maximizing the potential of the original hook.
The double air holes in the body allow air to escape smoothly at the time of a bite, and the water inside the body is automatically discharged as soon as the hook is cast, eliminating the need for tuning.


The double rabbit fur tail on the tail has a braking effect when popping. The double rabbit fur tail also acts as a brake to reduce the lure's moving distance and create a pinching action.


The BusterK specializes in continuous popping by jerking.
The unique balance design eliminates unnecessary sliding and swinging of the lure, and the sharp popping action with short moving distance appeals to bass lurking in cover.

Recommended line
The high action response of the BASTARK is achieved by using PE line. It is recommended to use PE line (50-80lb) to bring out its full potential.