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Condition: Unused
Length: 96mm
Weight: 30g
Type: Floating

Furious fish catching power, intense bite !

"It can be said that the introduction of the BUZZJET has changed the concept of topwater fishing.
The bumpy sound that attracts bass even on the surface of surging lakes and the irregular action that comes from just reeling the lure in has proved to many anglers that the BUZZJET is not just a noisy plug, but a real noisy lure for big bass, and at the same time has made it known how effective top water is for big bass.
In addition to the outstanding castability that overwhelms other noisy plugs, the original prop that flashes with its unique splash and the power to drive big bass crazy with its entangling ripple effect has attracted attention all over the world, with an unparalleled strike rate among surface plugs categorized as wake baits in recent years.
The performance of the lure is not limited to Japan, which proves that BUZZJET is the real deal.

This rip current ! Those vibrations !
The new "Spike Rip" design grasps the water and starts to swim as soon as the lure is retrieved. And the ripples are not just big!
The water received by the tip of the Spike Rip sends a strong vortex of water yawning into the under water, creating a completely new effect never before seen!
It's no surprise that this lure is able to attract bass that are lurking in deep water. Overturning the simple concept that topwater is about targeting the surface, this lure has an amazing ability to attract big fish from anywhere.

More action from the jerk
The strong jerk of the dive and the flashing of the prop as it emerges from the surface is a low-moving action that can be used for pinpointing!

The imbalance created by the moving weight! Heavy bass!

The randomly moving variable balancer brings an irregular action that is different from the monotonous, free-spooling plugs, and automatically generates an exquisite body twitch and bumpy sound!

What is required of a prop that goes beyond just spinning?

By cutting through the large water sores created around the front with a thin object, it creates a complex pull wave!
The stainless steel depth prop is made of the same material, thickness, shape, and position of the hole, and the result is a unique prop with a central offset axis that is not monotonous.
The prop makes random contact with the rear hook, creating a crisp, crunchy metal sound! And more! The flickering flashing and splashing of water stimulate chasing bass.

How does it work on a rough lake surface?
The BUZZJET's unique "Spike Rip" sends turbulent water flow into the underwater, even on the surface of a rippling lake, where its effectiveness is halved by drowning out the undertow, and leads the bass!
In addition, the variable balancer, which moves over waves, not only produces irregular action, but also creates a bumpy sound that echoes across the water, creating a high fish-attracting effect not found in conventional riparian plugs!