Unused BUZZJET Jr. BONE 2009 web member limited color

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Condition: Unused
Length: 72mm
Weight: 14g
Type: Floating

BUZZJET and BUZZJET Jr. are made of natural ABS resin,
commonly known as "bone material".
The high appeal model, which drives bass crazy with its crisp swimming and high pitched rattle sound, will debut in 2008 in a twice-yearly spot production run!
The ball weight inside the variable balancer bumps up against the hard bone material, changing the familiar "jittery" sound into a high frequency tone and giving the prop a higher pitched sound quality.

This is the unpainted body of the BUZZJET Bone.
All of the natural ABS resin (bone material) is molded with this milky white body and painted in a variety of colors.

The only difference between the BONE (natural ABS) and the original (clear ABS) is the material used, and there are no changes to the body shape.
Although the body is exactly the same shape, the specific gravity of the body is lighter, which results in higher buoyancy and more agile action.

The swing width at the back of the body has been widened due to its high buoyancy characteristics, and the swimming pitch is slightly faster. In addition, the swimming pitch is slightly faster.

The ultra-precise printed colors match the bone material. Realistic colors are achieved to the point of rawness.
The durability of the coating surface is at the same high level as clear ABS and has passed product tests.

Operational Prop Noisy
"BuzzJet Jr." enables not only wide area search, but also pin spots that use small techniques. The buzzing wobbling not only generates a ripple that exceeds the class but also a splash. As a versatile noisy that also performs table turns and popper actions, it demonstrates its power in pond and flat lake surface games.
The regular size body that anyone can handle, and the responsiveness that responds quickly to rod work, makes it an active prop-noisy that can search for a wide range of flat areas and strike various pin spots. 


The 72mm body, which faithfully reproduces the powerful presence of the original model, combines crisp, fast-pitch wobbling with responsiveness that responds quickly to rod work.



The special setting for the Buzz Jet Jr. is the Spike Lip, which has excellent response and splash stirring action, and is set at a slightly standing angle, enabling the lure to capture pin spots with a variety of tricks to reduce the distance it moving.


The stainless steel prop, custom tailored to the body size of the Buzzjet Jr. is flushing and splashing appealing without interfering with table turns or diving action.

On a slow retrieve, the bait leaves a ripple on the surface of the water with a crisp wobbling action by a fast pitch. In addition to the unique "jittery sound", the prop makes a complex combination of flashing and metallic sounds with water splashes to search wide areas quickly.


A light twitch with line slack makes for a dexterous table turn with a sweet splash.
The dogwalk is effective in pin spots around overhangs and structure with a low travel moving.


When you dive with a strong jerk, the lure appeals to bass with its airy gobbling sound and the flashing prop and bubble. The variable balancer shifts to the rear balance as soon as it surfaces, which gives the lure a unique action.