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Condition: New (box have damages)
Length: 115mm
Weight: 1.9oz
Type: Floating

The BuzzJet Magnum, which is a further revamp of the pioneering Noisy Wakebait BuzzJet, which has been favored around the world without fading since 2003, is now available.

Body form
Big body that has been souped to 120% to produce a fishing effect comparable to the rough lake surface. The body that creates a powerful underwater wave that raises the surface of the water with free winding is equipped with a variable balancer system that is synonymous with Buzzjet.
A bumpy sound that attracts bass is generated even on the rippled lake surface as the moving weight moves back and forth. In addition, by breaking the balance, it brings irregular action and creates a high fish collecting effect.

Original prop with a size of 120% or more. Creates powerful water droplets and waves that are as competitive as the underwater waves created by the soup-up body.
Of course, the center axis offset by the center gives a cool metal sound, and stimulates even flashing.

Structure equivalent to conventional Buzzjet. Actions such as steady retrieve and ripping, as it is, attract the huge bass with the enhanced fish collection effect.