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Condition: New

Length: 290mm body
Weight: 11.7oz
Type: Slow Sinking

The CODE NAME BASS magnum bait has the mental strength to cast all day long, and the physical strength to keep casting, and a floating model is now available.
It is possible to make the bait contact with floating objects and structures to produce the effect of an individual invading the territory unprotected, or dead sticking.

Body & Form
The core body (ABS) and the soft shell, which is based on the Silent Killer series, are used to create a visually realistic finish with soft and shiny waves and a sense of depth due to the multi-layered effect.
The thickness of the body and each part of the body has been reviewed many times to create a stronger body that can withstand the impact of fighting with monster-class lures as well as landing on the water.
The strong impact created by the 290mm high body will stimulate the territorial-minded monster class to bite.

Spring Weight Micro Vibe System
The head is equipped with a spring weight system, and the more the body is shaken, the more it is shaken, the more the weight is shaken, creating subtle vibrations with a sense of life to induce a bite.

Trouble-free bumper fin

This trouble-free bumper fin imitates fins while reducing hook entanglement in the body and line.
The bumper fin reduces unnecessary problems when landing on the water, which is a big advantage in big bait games where miscasting can be fatal.
On the retrieve, the movement of the hook is controlled to increase the hooking rate.

Hook & Assist Hook System

The hook eye has a swivel to follow the fight of the bass and reduce the number of bites.
The bite of magnum baits is concentrated on the head, so you can set an assist hook on the front body.

※The feather hook & split ring and the assist hook wire are not attached to the body of the lure so that you can build your own hook system.

Includes: main lure, 2 feather hooks #3/0, 2 split rings #5, assist hook wire

Drill a hole in the shell position in the through hole on the front core body, pass the included assist hook wire through it, and then set the commercially available split rings (recommended size #5) and hooks (recommended #1/0 triple hooks) on either side.
Please use the included feather hooks and split rings to attach to the front and rear body hook swivels.

Installation of the assist hook wire
1.Check the assist wire through hole of ABS core body which can be seen through the shell.
2.Align the cut lines on both sides of the ABS core body with the through hole for the assist wire.
3.Pass the supplied assist wire through the hole in the shell.

4.Attach the commercially available split rings (recommended size #5) to the ends of the assist wires (left and right).

5.Installation is complete.

Install commercial hooks (recommended #1/0 triple hooks) to complete the installation of the assist hooks.

The split rings on both sides of the assist hooks prevent them from coming off and missing. Please be careful not to lose or deform the small split rings or other methods of installation.
Straight Retrieve
The S-stroke action of the lure gives a tremendous torque from its high body, and the soft shell makes the lure swim slippery. The lure reproduces a bass that has invaded a territory without any defense, and stimulates a monster-class eating habit and aggression to induce a bite.

Twitch & Jerking
The quick response to the twitch and jerk action is a perfect example of the behavior of the lure running away in a hurry after entering the territory. It also turns on the lure by giving it a pause in its feeding.