Unused DC-400 CASCABEL

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Condition: Unused
Length: 85mm
Weight: 27g
Type: Floating

Heavy-duty cranking

The "DC-400 Cascabel" was developed to catch big bass, and is a heavy duty deep diver with a big size hook that can withstand strong fights, a wide wobble roll that does not fade even on a slow retrieve with heavy line, and high buoyancy to clear weeds and obstacles.
In addition to the long casting performance of the resin tungsten moving weight, the lip shape that allows the lure to detect the bottom easily even in weed areas, and the setting with enough buoyancy that allows the lure to float to the surface to dodge obstacles, lead big bass to bite by tracing as if licking the weed bottom.
 It has also been proven that the method of contacting the bottom with a Texas rig as if it is being dragged automatically hooks up and is sometimes surprisingly effective even in situations where there are many short bites just touching the jig or worm.
With its menacing sound that echoes through the deep range and its baitfish-like form, the "DC-400 Cascabel" is the new heavy-duty cranking lure.

With its stable wide wobble and roll action, it can dive to over 4m with 16lb line, 3.8m with 20lb line and 3.5m with 25lb line. The high buoyancy of the square body, which maximizes the body's internal capacity, and the shape of the belly, which prevents the front hook from getting out of control, enable the lure to swim well even with heavy fluorocarbon line of 20lb or more, and to trace a long effective range.


The oversized hook, which is unparalleled among Japanese crankbaits in recent years, is designed to be used against monsters to prevent them from diving into the weeds.
The V-shaped belly shape, which sticks perfectly to the #2 hook size, suppresses the front hook's "rampage" and contributes to a crisp action.


The pointed nose lip with a loose tip accurately conveys the bottom texture to the angler. Its high ability to detect the bottom is a big advantage when fishing in flat weeds, which are particularly difficult to catch, and it enables anglers to lick the weed surface by adjusting the rod work and retrieve speed.
In addition, its high buoyancy and ability to avoid obstacles minimizes the risk of getting stuck in riprap and rocky areas, thus increasing the chance of bites.


The large rattle in the wide rattle chamber, which emits a menacing sound, and the sufficient buoyancy to fend off weeds and other obstacles by raising the lure to the surface, create a lively static and dynamic action, while the tungsten resin moving weight ensures sufficient castability to compensate for the reduced flying distance caused by the lightweight body.