Unused EVOKE 1.2 7PALMS 20th Anniversary Limited Color

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Condition: Unused
Length: 55mm
Weight: 11.0g
Type: Floating

Boar's Head, Covered Crank

This heavy cover crank bait was created based on the concept that it must be a "tool" to improve fishing efficiency.
We have evolved it into a "tool for catching fish" beyond our initial image by repeating many trials and errors to achieve a high straight-line action that does not make the lure flutter after avoiding cover, and to make the pitch of the action as fast as possible. It has evolved into a "tool for catching fish" beyond the original image. It can be used for pitching approaches in narrow waterways where casting is not allowed, for targeting bass with narrow strike zones that do not want to leave small bushes, laydowns and vegetation, and even in spots that were previously thought to be the sole domain of jigs and Texas. This crank bait has the potential to change even the spots that used to be the sole domain of jigs and Texas into the stage of crank baits.


By eliminating any wasteful parts such as dividers, the body thickness has been carefully reviewed and the hollow space has been widened to the utmost limit. The excellent balance of the body allows the lure to achieve an ultra high pitch action that was thought to be impossible with conventional ABS lures.
It also stands up quickly after avoiding obstacles and appeals by grabbing water even in tight cover. The body shape has been refined to reduce air resistance and allow for stress-free casting.


RYUGI Pierce Treble Brutal TC Coat are standard equipment.
For the 1.2 model, improved ability to avoid getting stuck on obstacles. A larger size #4 rear bite is used compared to the #6 front bite, considering the fact that the bite is often on the rear, and the rear center of gravity contributes greatly to improved castability.


The balance of buoyancy and the position of the center of gravity have been thoroughly refined, and the diving angle and high buoyancy body, which prevent the lure from hitting structure too hard, have dramatically improved its ability to avoid obstacles. When the lure comes into contact with an obstacle, it suppresses unnecessary fluttering and improves its straight-line performance, making it possible to trace through gaps in cover without stress, which had been considered impregnable.
As a byproduct of the ultra high-pitch action, the hook cannot follow the action speed of the body, and the clicking sound produced by the split ring and hook is the "catchable" secret factor of Kenta Kimura, who is active not only in Lake Biwa but also in many other fields.