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Condition: New
Length: 69mm
Weight: 15g
Type: Floating

■ Fishing power that is not ashamed of the title of the grand
"I want to fly to the edge of the mat 5 meters farther away", "I want to fish at the Slitherk tempo even if the wind starts to blow a little bit", "I want to switch on a bit deeper and naturally switch to the water surface" "Grand Slitherk" has been developed to meet the needs of such core froggers. In order to meet these needs, the body size is designed to be large, and the weight and buoyancy are designed one rank higher. The hook size has been increased to 4/0 to match this, but the performance of Quick Dogwalk, which disrupts Slitherk's unique big bass, has been inherited without loss.
However, the design was not designed to increase the slide width, but instead, the weight and buoyancy balance were repeatedly adjusted in detail, focusing on the action of strongly pressing the water with the same stroke as Slitherk.

■ Powered-up Grand Slitherk, not just size up
With a new strong-vibration dogwalk that inherits Slitherk's genes, "Grand Slitherk" can be said to have been born to push the limits of frog games.

Head Mold

4/0 size hook

 Berry / Weight