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Condition: New
Length: 165mm
Weight: 2oz
Type: Sinking

The "GURKHA KNIFE" is a large spoon with a V-shaped blade and a bouncing tail. The unique four-sided blade creates a powerful flashing effect that is reminiscent of a large baitfish, and it instinctively triggers reaction bites even in neutral conditions.
Not only does it lift and fall, but it also emits powerful flashing on the retrieve, making it a tuneless big spoon that will bring bite opportunities right up until pickup.


With a form reminiscent of streamlined baitfish such as ayu (sweetfish), ugui (carp), and keta bass, and a unique four-sided blade design, this lure produces a narcotic flashing effect that far surpasses conventional spoons.


Hooks are not included. Use triple hooks or assist hooks depending on the situation and your preference.
Triple hooks are recommended for reservoirs, rocky areas and lava areas, and assist hooks are recommended for deep flats and weed flats. The line eye is equipped with a power swivel (size #2) by default to reduce problems caused by thread slippage.

Recommended hook size
Triple hook: 4.7oz=#3/0, 2oz=#2/0
Assist hooks: 4.7oz=#3/0, 2oz=#2/0~#1/0

The blade rotates to the left and right as it falls in a backslide motion. As the lure rotates from side to side, the speed of the slide fall becomes slower and the lure releases a high pitch flashing effect to the surrounding area.
The fast reeling retrieve on the surface of the water is a secret method used by world record holder Manabu Kurita to force bass to turn on the lure.