KORRIGAN MAGNUM 150 / 250 / 350

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Condition: New
Length: 66mm body (150 / 250 / 350)
Weight: 15.5g (150) / 18.3g (250) / 18.6g (350)
Type: Floating

Push forward, water flow agitation crank.

The four ribs on the side of the lure's body provide resistance to water flow, tightly controlling the lure's swinging width and increasing its straight-line action. The "KORRIGAN MAGNUM" is a system crank that was developed to efficiently catch big bass from riprap and hard bottom humps that are explored in a linear fashion, and from weeds and standing trees that are explored vertically. Its thin square lip and highly buoyant body not only attracts big bass, but also provides an excellent response when the lure comes into contact with structure. In addition, the thin, square lip and highly buoyant body allow the lure to immediately regain its stance when it comes into contact with structure, leading to more bite opportunities.


The high-float body is made up of nothing but a fixed weight set at the bottom of the body, and its capacity is raised to the utmost limit, realizing a stable high-pitch action that can be called top class.
The lure dodges contact with structure without getting stuck.

Ultra-thin SQUARE LIP

The ultra-thin square lip, which is integrally molded with the body to ensure high strength, has a high structure detection ability, and even if the lure starts to reel in or loses its balance, it immediately stands up and shows a quick response to bite the water.
The lure is also designed to be wide enough to reduce the risk of getting stuck on tight structures.


The four convex ribs on both sides of the lure's body provide resistance to the backward flow of water, forcing the lure's original wobbling amplitude to be pushed back to the opposite side, and then to be pushed back again on the opposite side, resulting in a tighter, higher-pitch wobbling action.
In addition, the water resistance of the ribs creates a unique turbulent flow of water behind the lure, which does not normally occur, and attracts big bass with an appeal that exceeds the wide action. The convex ribs also give the lure a high degree of straight-line stability so that it will not wobble when it hits structure, but will correct its original retrieve course.


A horizontal eye is used to reduce tangling between the hooks, and the hook point is not caught on the body or lip.
The front #4 and rear #3 hook sizes are designed for interaction with large bass.