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Condition: New
Head Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Sinking

Strong vibration and asymmetrical prop.

The strong vibration created by the eccentric movement of the asymmetrical prop and the squeeking sound generated by the rubbing of the prop induce a crazy reaction bite for the "Matsu Buzz.
The asymmetrical prop has a large contact surface between the wire and the rivets, and the squeeking sound generated by the rubbing of the wires together overwhelms other buzzbaits. In addition, by attaching the weight stickers that come with the buzzbait, the buzzbait becomes a torque-full eccentric motion that shakes the head and skirt, which is the original performance of the "Matsu Buzz". It will make bass bite like crazy.

Asymmetrical props

Asymmetrical prop that promotes eccentric motion. By attaching a spare weight sticker to the back of the tip of the "large" wing (the side with the deps logo), the eccentricity ratio will increase. By attaching a spare weight sticker to the back side of the tip, the eccentricity of the lure will increase and the lure will produce a torque-full eccentric motion that will shake the head and skirt, creating an unparalleled water push and backward wave motion.
If you want to weaken the appeal of the lure or make the lure rise faster, use the lure without the weight sticker attached.

Left and right rotating props

By using the right and left rotating props, it is possible to trace along the structure where there are many bite opportunities.

Right rotation: trace the structure on the left side of the lure (facing right).

Left rotation: Trace the structure on the right side of the lure (facing left).

Right rotation model: Blue mount (Right photo)
Left rotation model: White mount (Left photo)

Squeak sound

The asymmetrical prop has a large contact point with the wire for a more effective squeeking sound, a custom-made rivet with a large contact surface (flange), and a wire diameter of 1.6 mm, which is unusual for a buzz bait. The wire diameter is Φ1.6 mm, which is unprecedented for a buzzbait, increasing the contact surface.
The buzzbait generates a squeaking sound that overwhelms other buzzbaits, stimulating bass and leading to reaction bites.

Wire diameter Φ1.6mm arm

The balance is set to improve straightness. It is also set to prevent the lure from falling sideways when swimming to reduce the hook-up rate and prevent it from getting rooted.

Backward center of gravity head design

The backward center of gravity design greatly improves the flying distance, which is one of the weak points of buzzbaits due to high air resistance, and achieves top class flying distance. It is also equipped with a #4/0 thick shaft wide hook for fighting with big bass.


Repeated casting will produce a bite on the contact surface of the prop and generate a squeeking sound that overwhelms other buzzbaits. However, if you want to produce an effective squeeking sound immediately, it is simply possible by bending the flap at the rear of the prop that contacts the rivet to a sharp angle (forward).
If you are looking for the original squeak sound, be sure to get a bite.

The upper arm is set so that the prop and arm are in contact with each other, but in order to get 100% performance, please adjust the flaps (wire penetration holes) at the front and back of the prop so that they are in contact with each other.
By adjusting the upper arm, you can make only the "large" blade of the asymmetrical prop interfere with the lower arm, resulting in a highly appealing irregular clicking sound and a momentary pause in rotation.