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Condition: New
Color: Visible Black
Length: 80mm
Weight: 1oz
Type: Floating


Not only has the ABS hollow body that ensures high buoyancy improve the response, but the minute vibrations brought by the spring weight micro-vibration system further induce the bite.
In addition, the entanglement between the hooks is eliminated due to the body size that has expanded by about 10 mm, and the hooks (front/rear #2) that increase the size are adopted. The hook eye with a built-in swivel greatly reduces the variation.

The spring weight system mounted on the head part creates a vibrating micro vibration by shaking the unstable weight mounted on the tip of the spring. If you shake the body strongly, the weight will be greatly unbalanced and the knocking sound that hits the inner wall will enable not only free winding but also pinpoint capture with interwoven poses.


A wing setting that takes a firm action from dead slow to slow retrieve. Even if the wing is closed after landing, the Kakuru original wing design has a responsive shape because the wing shape has an open tip that catches water immediately. The action changes by changing the wide angle and the twist angle of the wing. Please tune and make adjustments so that you get the desired action.