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Condition: Used
Length: 120mm
Weight: 25g
Type: Floating

The Spiralminnow is a minnow-shaped prop noisy lure that can be used for speedy searches from the surface to just below the surface, and it is a wake bait that leads bass to bite based on their feeding habits, rather than the "noisy = threatening bite" formula.
The fluttering and roll action of the bait and the deps prop that emits a metallic sound as it splashes creates a complex and powerful pull wave, and the flickering action is reminiscent of a school of bait fish.
The 3-hook system greatly reduces the number of missed bites, and the hooking performance ensures that any bass that attacks the lure is killed.
The search performance and bite inducing power of the Spiralminnow will quickly close the distance between you and the bass, even in rapidly changing conditions or when you are in the field for the first time, and will lead you to the big bass.


When retrieved slowly, the lure has a tight roll action that shows its fluttering side to attract bass with a natural appeal just like a dying bait fish. The faster the retrieve speed, the wider the action becomes, and the more appealing the wobbling roll becomes as it traces just below the surface. Its straight retrieve, which leaves a torque-filled ripple on the surface of the water, is an effective weapon for searching for bass in vast areas and undeveloped fields.


In a short, sharp rip, the prop splashes and dives with a "pop" as it catches air. Immediately, the Variable Balancer shifts to the rear center of gravity with a bumpy "jyoro" sound, and the lure quickly rises to the surface for a short dive. This technique is highly effective in pin spots such as weed pockets, standing trees and piles.


The low center-of-gravity minnow form with a secure body capacity can be used in a wide range of situations from slow to fast retrieve. The rolling action of the body creates a powerful rippling current, while at the same time increasing the flashing and flickering effects, creating an exquisite form that is both natural and appealing.


The original prop, which is set off the center axis, generates irregular rotation and sound. The flickering flashing and splashing of water appeals to the lure, and at the same time, it adds complex turbulence to the undertow to increase its presence.


The minnow form and 3-hook setting with hook size #4 greatly reduces the number of missed bites that frequently occur with retrievable surf baits. The high hook-up ability ensures that the lure will hook wherever the bite is, creating a flawless finish.

HOOK: #4