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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 65mm
Weight: 10g
Type: Floating

The "PULSECOD" was developed to catch tough big bass during the after spawn period and in high pressure fields, and has a boiling sound that switches neutral big bass into feeding mode. The "PULSECOD" is a new dimension popper that has been perfected to lead bass to bite with its boiling sound that switches big bass into feeding mode in a neutral state and its extremely natural wave action due to its spring weight. It has a flat cup shape with bulges on both sides to increase its straightness, and a unique design and setting that emphasizes a near-horizontal slanting floating posture, making it a popper that can hold the water it receives from the front and push it forward firmly.
In addition, the spring weight inside the body shakes to generate a fine pitch wave motion when paused. On the flat surface of the water, it creates ripples as if it were a falling insect shaking its wings.
From the pin spots of wild ponds and reservoirs to the weed flats of big lakes, the "PULSECOD" has a strong presence and supernatural wave action, and promises to be the most powerful popper for catching topwater fish.


The spring weight, which is built into the lure to make the body and head vibrate, creates a micro vibration every time the lure is moved.
The lure's unprecedented natural appeal is surprisingly effective even against sluggish big bass.


The design is reminiscent of the Australian monster fish "Marley Cod", with a flat cup shape.
The hump on both sides of the cup improves the straightness and rectification effect, and realizes the ideal boilie sound by grabbing the water firmly and filled with air.


The naturally shimmering feather hook is indispensable in the popper game, where the bass are impatient to see what you do when you pause after adding action.