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Condition: Used
Length: 72mm (Body)
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

Middle runner to catch bluegill eater

The REALISER Jr. is a middle runner developed to attack small areas such as wild ponds. The natural appeal of its non-rattling, weakly rolling waves is effective in small, sluggish waters where high-appeal baits do not respond, and it can be used to search a wide area without excessive pressure, and it also has the ability to trigger reaction bites from slow to ultra-fast retrieves. It can also be used with the riser technique, where the lure stays in place or slowly rises to the surface after coming into contact with weed, or by twitching it on the surface to reproduce the movement of bluegill, leading slow bass to bite. The REALISER Jr. is highly effective as a trump card for attacking selective fish in tough and small fields.


Lip for high-speed retrieve!
The original lip is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate for better weed release and reduced retrieve resistance.


Realistic imitation body!
This super realistic finish body faithfully reproduces the characteristics of a baitfish, down to the scales and pectoral fins.


The effect when surfacing is tremendous!
Camouflages the hook while imitating the fins. By being vacuumed from the hook, it ensures a more reliable hook-up rate and also flutters realistically when paused or surfaced, increasing the chance of a bite.

The flickering effect generated by its tall body!

On a slow to medium retrieve, the flickering side roll action traces the 1.0m depth range and efficiently searches a wide area.
Light retrieve resistance and high stability to keep its balance even when reeling at high speed, so it can be used for ultra-fast retrieve to catch reaction bites

Compact and just the right size for field ponds !
Lightweight and compact, the REALISER Jr. is easy to handle even with regular tackle, and its small bluegill size silhouette will help you attack sluggish bass in selective ponds.

The floating posture is just like a bluegill!

The lure's floating posture, with its back exposed to the water and swaying in the waves, is just like a bluegill itself. When lightly twitched, the lure emits a "chomping" sound like a pecking insect on the surface of the water, and is highly effective as a surface bait that dives and poses to act as a predator for bluegills.


When true-tuning, adjust the swim condition by bending slightly.