Unused REALISER PROP 2009 web memberes limited color

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Condition: Unused
Length: 113mm (Body)
Weight: 2oz
Type: Sinking

Featuring BUZZJET's proven #22 Real Pearl Gill.
Direct precision printed body coated with blue pearl. The flashy combination of chart, pink and orange not only appeals well in low light, but also skillfully deceives the silhouette.
Rear Riser with Deps Prop mounted front and rear...
The "Rear Riser Prop" is now available !

When swimming, the lure swims in a horizontal position with no action. The seemingly no-appealing swimming action attracts bass strongly due to the compound wave motion and flashing produced by the front and rear props.
In addition, the center-offset deps props give the body a slight vibration, adding subtle changes to the monotonous swimming action. The metallic "chitty-chitty" sound produced by the prop interfering with the cup stimulates the lateral line of selective bass.

On fall, it has a wobbling fall action with vibrations, flashing props, and a shimmering feather hook.
The normal tracing range is as shown in the illustration, but it is also possible to trace a range one level deeper by using a commercially available plate weight.

*Caution for weight tuning
Rear riser props show normal prop rotation when swimming in a horizontal position.
When tuning by affixing a plate weight, etc., please be careful of excessive balance such as head-down or butt-down. It may interfere with the rotation of the prop.


The lip has been removed from the "Rear Riser", a mid-runner with a weak roll action, and transformed into a double prop. A reverse-rotating version of the center-offset deps prop, a part used in the Buzzjet, was specially ordered. A counter-rotating prop is mounted on the front and a normal prop on the rear to prevent the body from collapsing sideways when swimming. Swims a straight retrieve course without bias.

*The only change to the weight is to embed the weight in the lip portion of a commercially available Rear Riser.


A balancer is embedded at the point where the lip is removed to create a horizontal position when swimming.
Original 6.0g (right), Junior 1.7g (left)


The cup is made of stainless steel and is common to both the front and rear. The cups interfere with the prop and produce a hard sound similar to a shad click when a baitfish escapes.


Long shaft stainless steel heatons are used to attach the prop and cup. The wire diameter has been thickened to further increase rigidity.
Original 1.6→φ1.85mm
Jr. 1.2→φ1.6mm

HOOK (Original #1 / Jr. #3)

Hook size is increased by 2 size (front & rear) for original only.
The maximum size hook is installed within the usable range that does not disrupt the balance.