Unused SlitherK

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Condition: Unused (but the fur tail is cut almost half length)
Length: 61mm body
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

Frog game concept for catching !

"SlitherK" thoroughly pursues all the elements while maximizing the advantage of frog that can attack without cover and structure.
With its calculated form and unique balance setting, it is a unique frog that can not imitate conventional frogs and instantly puts a big bass lurking in a cover with a powerful wave and a quick continuous dog walk into predation mode.
The non-stop dog walk that quickly attacks the cover without giving a hesitant opportunity induces a serious bite that the big bass attacks violently.
With an astonishing bite rate and hooking rate overwhelming others, the frog game has been splendidly evolved into "fishing for catch".
The unique concept of "SlitherK", which sets it apart from mere pin spot strategy frogs, should pull out the big bass from every field with a high degree of perfection that overturns the common sense of cover games and frogs.

The flat belly part suppresses rolling, and the side cup strongly presses the water.The unique body shape realizes an exceptional presence as a frog, and the side cup that strongly grasps the water creates an appropriate resistance to the rod tip. This improves the operational feeling.
It also has the effect of facilitating the rhythm of the action.
In addition, the double-positioned air holes smoothly eject the air inside the body to improve hooking performance, and the water accumulated inside the body is automatically discharged at the same time as the cast.

Quick Dog Walking

The quick non-stop dog walk that enables the high response of "SlitherK" induces a violent bite that the big bass seriously attacks without letting the bait pass at a high speed in front of bass.

The outstanding strike rate and intense deep bite improve the hooking rate, establishing a "frog game for catch" that was not possible with conventional frogs.


The rabbit fur tail amplifies the pulling wave, leaving a natural wave that only natural materials can make.
Furthermore, when cast, the tail that absorbs water sticks to the body to reduce air resistance, creating castability superior to frog of the same class.


The deep horizontal floating posture by the center position weight intentionally suppresses the turning response and strengthens the water pushing, and at the same time enhances straightness, creating a wide range of dirt.