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Condition: New
Length: 106mm
Weight: 22g
Type: Floating

If a Pikachu lure swims, it must be cute !

If DUO makes it, it's bound to catch fish. When you can catch fish with a Pikachu lure, you know it's going to be fun. The tail hook dramatically improves the hooking rate, and the tail has a built-in wire to make sure you get the best chance. Once you have cast it to your target area, wind it slowly to make it appeal.

You'll never be lost again. It's all about you!

Pikachu lures are 100% MADE IN JAPAN. All parts and processes are made in Japan. Every step of the process, from the mold to the lure, is done in Yaizu, the home of lures!

* Line may get tangled in the tail hook.
Please remove the tail hook if you are worried about it.

* The ears are easily damaged by the design.
Please be careful of contact with obstacles when casting.