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Condition: New
Length: 68mm
Weight: 16g
Type: Floating

If a Pikachu lure swims, it must be cute !

The recommended actions for KODUCK lure is "slow retrieve" and "stop and go". Simply reel in slowly and KODUCK will wobble and wiggle its butt. When you just reel it in, it dives into the water, and when you stop the reel, it rises to the surface.
The action is so enticing that it attracts the target fish!
Pokémon lures are all made in Japan with high quality from design to production. Craftsmen put all their love and care into their lures.
Get yourself a very cute and powerful partner!

* There is a risk of damage to the parts on the top of the head due to impact with obstacles. Please be very careful when casting.

* The paint on the beak may peel off due to impacts such as bottom knocks.