Used Tide Minnow 120 SURF

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Condition: Used
Length: 120mm
Weight: 17g
Type: Floating

Adjustable to ML class surf tackle
The 120 Surf is not a mere downsizing of 135 mm, but a redesign of details for the most controllable handling with an 8-9 ft class light rod. It has the optimum specifications for the seabass game in the surf, where the evolution of tackle has led to a shift to a lighter style.
Appeal is an important factor in efficiently attacking a wide area of surf. The slightly thicker silhouette of the lure creates a sense of volume and appeal not found in slimmer bodies. It is also possible to set the hook one size larger.

Weight Setting

A 6.0mm tungsten ball is placed as a moving weight, a molded fixed weight in the belly, and a 5.0mm tungsten ball in the tail to stabilize the flight attitude.

Moving Weight

A drop-in fixed moving weight is used.
The weight moves smoothly even when snap-casting, ensuring stable casting distance.