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Condition: Unused
Length: 160mm
Weight: 43.0g
Type: Floating

Big pencil bait "Amazon"

The big pencil bait Amazon was a one-off private model created by Katsutaka Imae for his Amazon fishing trips. Later, it was recognized for its performance against big bass in the Japanese field, and the private model was changed and introduced to the market.
The synergistic effect of the exquisite buoyancy setting, which makes it tangle with the water like a wood plug despite being made of plastic, and the large 16 cm length body, make it as strong as a swimbait even though it is a pencil bait, and it has strong fish-calling power. It responds agilely to rod work, despite its large body. The lure can produce the desired effect on fleeing large baits, such as a high-speed dogwalk, large left-right sliding skating, and water-splashing. Every time the head is shaken, it produces a strong "click" and generates a strong sound.Even if the lure has a strong push in the water, its presence tends to be weak in vast open areas or in situations where large baits form dense schools, making it much easier to be spotted by the target and triggering bites. The weight of the large body and the low aerodynamic drag of the lipless pencil bait enable an extremely effective long-distance approach to big fish that are sensitive to the presence of humans.

Floating Posture

The synergistic effect of the exquisite buoyancy setting and the large body of the lure makes the lure as strong as a swimbait.

C.B.S. (Counter Balance System)

By placing a counterweight in relation to the main weight, the lure has a good response that responds agilely to rod work despite its large body, and a color change accompanying the action in which the body collapses and quickly rises up.

Cracker Ball Sound System

By making the front sinker of the belly fixed and the rear sinker movable, the sinker and sinker hit each other at the core when rod work is applied, producing a metallic, hard sound.

Insert Plate

A light-reflecting plate is built into the body. The "light" and "dark" intense flashing effect appeals to anglers.