Used Combat Crank 320

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Condition: Used
Length: 64mm
Weight: 16.5g
Type: Floating

Core of High Potential System Crank

The Combat Crank 320 boasts the same overwhelming flying distance as the other lures in the series, and despite its compact shape, it can easily reach a range of 3m.
Its natural, high-pitch rolling and vivid wobbling action is tighter than the 250 and wider than the 480 in the same series, and it has the ability to attract fish and induce bites that will drive bass crazy.
As a crank bait that dives over 3m, it is a killer bait with excellent bite inducing ability. Especially on big lakes, its flying distance against the wind is an absolute advantage, making long range tracing even easier.
It is also notable for its resistance to weed infestation. We are confident that you can keep throwing and reeling it comfortably. The fishing results prove it all. Combat Crank 320.