Gold Digger 600

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Condition: New
Length: 110mm
Weight: 32.5g
Type: Floating

A secret super deep diver which digs for gold in the super deep

Produced by Toshifumi Kikumoto. The Gold Digger is a super deep diver to capture the "untried zone" of deep cranks, over the 6m range. Its well-calculated body design and center-of-gravity shifting system produces an unbelievable flying distance, and it dives very fast. It is a deep crank that can be thrown and pulled all day long with comfort. The slim minnow-shaped body attracts slippery deep monsters that cannot be struck by conventional fat deep cranks. It is an unprecedented range keeper hard bait that can easily clear 10m when dragged. It is a super deep crank that can directly hit schools of baitfish in deep water that you could not reach and catch bass one after another that you could not catch with a worm. It is the secret crank "Gold Digger" that digs up the gold mine of the super deep.

Long stroke center of gravity shifting system

Low center of gravity fixed subweight

Offset square round lip

Minnow Shape Design

Treble Magic

Easy to hook and hard to detect. High strength treble hooks and Treble Magic #3 are standard on the front and center of the lure.