Used Justine 115

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Condition: Used
Length: 115.0mm
Weight: 19.5g
Type: Floating

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The Justine 115 is a natural and silent pencil bait that can be fished in any field, and it retains the concept of the original (95mm) Justine, but with added ease of casting and longer casting performance. It is a realistic, fishable pencil bait with excellent response and hooking performance, and has evolved in pursuit of features for easy handling and catching fish.

Unparalleled casting distance beyond the original. Able to intercept boilies from far away, this lure can be used on a wide range of clear water and high-pressure lakes.

The quick dogwalk becomes more dynamic and easy. High-speed, natural action that brings spooky bass to bite with non-rattling, silent specifications.

It does not get blown away by too violent strikes, and it catches even the weakest bites. High hooking performance to keep the target lured.

Fixed weight with low center of gravity
(silent specification)

The placement of a larger weight relative to the body size at the rear of the body increases the flying distance. The lure is also less likely to be blown away by violent bites.
The action is stable because the weight does not go out of control unexpectedly. The angler can move the lure as desired. Also, if the action is too erratic, miss bites are more likely to occur, but the stable action reduces the number of miss bites.
Silent design for clear water and pressure.

Flat side body design

The side of the body pushes water, creating natural splashes, bubbles, and sounds that attract bass.
This type of silent bait is a bite-trigger bait that needs to be moved quickly, but if the slide width is too wide, it will not be able to move quickly.
The slide width has been suppressed because too wide a slide width prevents the bait from moving too fast. The hook's upward movement during action is suppressed so that the hook is always in the water, which increases the hooking rate.
However, this does not mean that it does not roll at all. Flat side shape creates a flickering effect by the edge even with a slight roll. A model with a built-in insert plate for more flashing effect is also available.

3 hooks by Treble Magic

Treble Magic #5 x 3 hook specification for easy hooking and detection.
The front hook position is set slightly rearward to reduce the risk of the hook picking up line during high-speed swinging action.

Floating posture

The floating angle is set slightly looser than the original.
This reduces the increased pulling resistance associated with the larger body size, and reduces the burden on the body when the lure is used in a continuous high-speed dogwalk action.
The front and center hooks are positioned slightly closer to the tail. When bites occur during the pause, the hooks are immersed deeper in the water, making it easier to hook the lure even if the hooks do not reach the surface. Rear eye is set horizontally to prevent hooks from tangling with each other.