Showerblows 77.7

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Condition: New
Length: 77.7mm
Weight: 9.3g
Type: Floating

Extreme mix of showerblows power in a bite-size

Tungsten weight placed at the tail end of the bullet-shaped body. Stress-free castability. Mouthbill splash and tungsten & steel mixed rattle. Double appeal with splash and sound.
Large hook size for the body to catch big fish.
(Front #7, Rear #6)

Comparison with original size

Body Design

The fat-tail body is designed to provide adequate buoyancy with the weight concentrated at the rear. The near-horizontal floating posture and rear center of gravity provide excellent action response, allowing the angler to make continuous quick turns with a small distance to move.


The inner side pushes the water forward hard and continuously produces a bubble-filled spit. The outer side slaps the water horizontally to the left and right with each shake of the head, moving the water on both the inner and outer sides throughout the action to keep it appealing.

Weight and Rattle

The largest tungsten ball is placed at the end of the body.
This promises an amazing casting distance. The weight concentrated in the rear part of the body makes it difficult to be repelled by bass, resulting in a high hooking rate. The "water piercing" rattle sound, which is a mix of the heavy bass sound of the tungsten ball and the high quality cracker sound of the steel ball, has the appeal of attracting fish in a wide area.

Treble Magic

Easy to hook and hard to detect. High strength treble hooks and Treble Magic #7 are standard on the front and center of the lure.

Treble Magic Feather

The combination of "Feathers" and "Tinsel", which shimmer naturally with the slightest amount of water flow, attracts fish even when the lure is stopped. In addition, Treble Magic Feather #6 is equipped as standard equipment on the rear of the lure, which helps to increase the hooking rate of the lure when the bite is short.