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Monster Jack

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Condition: New (but the lure have some scratches by hook and the box have some stains)
Length: 180mm
Weight: 2oz
Type: Floating

A big jointed minnow made of wood, the origin of trout baits !

The clattering sound of the wood colliding with the big plug is reminiscent of a large bait, and like trout baits, it has an overwhelming presence that attracts big bass even from a considerable distance.
The characteristic soft tail makes a baitfish-like landing sound that appeals to the five senses of big bass. Also, the way it appeals to big bass by making a big ripple just above the water surface is just like a weak baitfish drifting on the surface!
Monster Jack", which is also a buzzing minnow, is a sub-surface strong power bait that is the key to catching big bass.