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Condition: New
Length: 80mm
Weight: 24g
Type: Sinking

Aim at the distant boil.

Combined with compact & heavy weight and low air resistance, the flight distance is enormous. The flushing effect is outstanding due to the tight wobbling action and the flat surface on the body side. Furthermore, by horizontal fall, we show strong appeal from the moment of landing. The targets are Mahi-mahi, Bonito, Tuna, Yellowtail. The effect of the stabilizer fins ensures stable action even in super high speed retrieves, which are essential for capturing yellowtail, and at the same time, firmly catches water even in slow retrieve situations where rolling baits are difficult to stand in a seabass game in the strait area. The aim is big fish though it is a compact body.

The 80mm "24", which pursues low-speed action performance, matches seabass and flounder games. The flying distance and bite-size silhouette surpassing ordinary minnows is a great advantage.

Body side that produces high flushing effect

1.2mm thick laser cut through wire &
Tail fat shape that contributes to flight distance

■ Fixed weight
■ 1.2mm thick 3D laser cut through wire
■ Super hard coating
■ Stabilizer fin